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ipp solar commercial


Go green. Go solar.

Installing Solar PV allows you to quickly and easily boost your business’ bottom line and achieve immediate savings, by significantly reducing your electricity costs.

With a Guaranteed Production and Zero Maintenance responsibility, your business can stay protected against rising energy costs whilst significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Why the Fronius Lease model?

Immediate Savings
No upfront Costs
Production Guarantee

Cut your Carbon Footprint significantly
Maintenance included
Protection against rising electricity costs
System monitoring - Fronius Solar.web

Find out how much you could save

With a few initial details we can give you a good indication of the savings you will achieve with our unique leasing model. With a little more data and a visit to your building(s), we can create an accurate proposal, giving you all you need to make an informed decision. We’re confident the figures speak for themselves, but there is absolutely no obligation if you just want to discover the potential cost savings and feasibility at this point.

Calculate savings

Agreement on terms

Dedicated designers will create the best possible solution for your premises, designed for maximum self-consumption.

If you’re happy with the offer and choose to accept the proposal, we’ll get you started with the documentation. 


One of our trusted partners will install the PV system on the roof of your premises to the highest specification.

High-quality engineering drives everything we do, so you can rest assured you’ll be getting the highest quality products from the very best manufacturers.

A lease with a difference

Our simple, unique leasing model can give you instant cost savings from day one. Unlike power purchase agreements, you are simply leasing the solar equipment to generate your own green electricity. The energy you generate will produce big savings and your fixed monthly lease payment will be lower than the cost of that electricity if purchased from your supplier.*

After the 15 year lease period different options are available to you, including full ownership of the solar equipment, providing you with even cheaper, green electricity. All maintenance and insurance of the system is taken care of during the lease period. It really is a win-win.


* Based on consumption as per the original calculations in the quote and the accuracy of data provided to us by you.

15 years of making huge savings

For the duration of the lease, you will pay a fixed monthly amount, guaranteed to make savings from day one. This fixed sum also includes maintenance of the system for your complete peace-of-mind. 

15-25+ years of making dramatic savings

At year 15, one option is ownership of the PV system by your business. At this point every unit of electricity that you generate and use has already been paid for by your business. 

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